Quietness is sought, silence is imposed. – Rosalia Cranfield

It is important to understand the difference between silence and quietness.
Silence is imposed through disempowerment, often in a defensive mechanism to ensure survival, coming from a space of helplessness. Becoming silent is a process that can take place over time or during a single experience, especially when a person steps into an unfamiliar territory.   Quietness, on the other hand, is safe, nourishing, tranquil, light, and inherently embodies beauty. Quietness is sought through a process of feeling comfortable and at ease, providing a space for healing to take place. Through my years of experience, it is absolutely essential for a client to be invited into a space of quietness, trust and safety with their therapist.

After my consultation ritual, clients effortlessly discover a place of quietness.  They are able to fully surrender, release their stress, embracing the appropriate healing that happens in my treatments.

As a result of establishing a connection during the consultation, I relax and connect with the client on a holistic level.  I consciously acknowledge to myself they are human in just the same way I am – recognising the “Wabi-Sabi” within each person, their imperfections, pain, past-sufferings, and inherent beauty. Tapping into gratitude for the opportunity / permission of the therapy in a safe environment, I am able to connect on a deeper level to what needs to be done in each moment of the session.  

Energy exists within every one of us, we have the power through choice to decide how to direct that energy.  Energy can either be put to good or to bad, and it is important to find a space for our energy to be directed to that which is for the highest good. Our thoughts play a  big part in the “how” of where we ultimately choose to action our energy. Moreover, our environment strongly impacts the choices we make when directing that energy.

During a massage the therapist transfers energy via their own positive thoughts and intentions towards the client, carried through their hands.  The client then has the opportunity to receive the directed energy, highlighting the importance of creating a safe space through boundaries and values for both client and therapist.  The therapist’s energy connects with the client’s energy. If the intention is to soothe and to relax then the client will be able to enter into a space of quietness, allowing their body to constructively integrate the energy to heal – just like a mother would soothe a baby.

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