Response to “The need for a new way” by Athol Williams: Part 1 – Rosalia Cranfield

The greatest good for everyone involved is what maintains a successful systemic model.

I felt inspired by Athol Williams’ presentation, “An Ethics-Based Approach to Corporate Reparations,” that I attended at The Graduate School of Business in Cape Town recently.  For me, the presentation spoke into the issue of immoral decisions made by individuals that are systemically supported by a whole institution. By doing nothing about a problem, or standing by when things seem to be wrong, you inherently become part of the problem. Both our actions and inactions can impact a situation.

Moreover, people are naturally good, and good people unfortunately can make poor decisions when faced with external pressure / stressors.  Not only does this happen in the workplace, it happens whenever there are interpersonal human relationships. Without seeking to understand where they are coming from, or how they got to that point in their lives it is easy to attack another.  Radical transformation can only occur when we are compassionate.  Providing a space of support and a listening ear, situations can be repaired, and underlying causes identified. Overall, a compassionate approach seeks to reach constructive practical changes, which are far more beneficial to the system as a whole.

The greatest good for everyone involved is what maintains a successful systemic model.  We see it so often when employees are worked to the bone, which adds to the to normalised daily trauma that our staff experience within the context of South Africa, one of the top 5 countries for crime in the world.  So how do we as management best demonstrate to our staff that they are acknowledged and appreciated?

If someone feels like they truly matter, they will go above and beyond everything they do. This is a well known fact. Creative Touch has the simple, practical solution for corporates who want to helping their staff to feel like they matter. Based on Chapmans languages of appreciation in the workplace, Creative Touch has developed the Corporate Languages of Acknowledgement in the workplace ©.

Creative Touch assists your institutional change through the Workplace Chair Massage. These treatments are non-disruptive, short and succinct – tapping into the root of relaxation for your staff.  During the 5 minutes for call centres or 20 minutes for corporates, the workday is uninterrupted and staff may continue working throughout their treatment.  All administration, including scheduling staff and zoning departments, is part of our job.  We literally need your “go ahead” – it’s that easy!

This cost-effective, non-invasive solution not only de-stresses your staff, but also enables you to build your professional relationship with them too. In the act of gifting your staff a monthly Workplace Chair Massage, you are consistently filling their socio-emotional jar. This becomes a place for fond memories of you to sprout, creating (facilitating) an association between the treatment and you. It’s likely that they will begin to think far more highly of you, and if not, it at least gives you a conversation starter and common ground. 😊

If you’re seeking to increase your staff’s productivity, reduce their stress, build the professional relationships within your company, and reduce rates of absenteeism while meeting your CSI responsibilities, take the action! Confirm your booking with us, and we’ll help you to show another side to you.

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