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Listening into myself through others – Part 2 – The difference between hearing and listening

As a start, I needed to understand the difference between listening and hearing.  Listening is defined by the Business dictionary as “mindfully hearing and attempting to comprehend the meaning of words spoken by another.” On the other hand, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines hearing as “perceiving sound; specifically… noises and tones received as stimuli”.  Nancy Kline […]

We are all beautiful in our own way – Part 1

Recently I was introduced to Dr. Caroline Leaf’s work on Cognitive Neuroscience by a new friend. Dr. Leaf speaks into the scientifically supported impact that our thoughts have on our physical and emotional health. My friend went on to tell me how he consistently works on maintaining a healthy, positive attitude in his life – […]

5 Steps to Starting Afresh – Navigating Change

In life, we often experience 360 degrees of change in very short periods of time. These may feel daunting, unfair or simply overwhelming. However, this is merely an opportunity to trust the process and to breathe new life into something different! Let’s look at five ways to keep your cool and navigate through the storm: […]

Spiritual Bypassing and our emotional jar – Part 1: A response to Heather Plett

I’m fortunate enough to be a participant in a Holding Space Facilitation Course through the Lighthouse Fund, under the supervision of the organization’s co-founder, Valerie Shayne.  The group meets on a weekly basis, providing a support system of sorts. We have a list of recommended readings which we work through and discuss, enriching the overall […]

Response to “The need for a new way” by Athol Williams: Part 2 – Rosalia Cranfield

The saddest part of the current criminal justice system is the inherent judgement that maintains silence between people until it is too late and the damage is done. Unfortunately, this disempowers them from being able to make impactful change. Instead of merely pointing fingers and placing the blame, (both subconsciously and intentionally) making right the […]