5 Steps to Starting Afresh – Navigating Change

In life, we often experience 360 degrees of change in very short periods of time.
These may feel daunting, unfair or simply overwhelming.
However, this is merely an opportunity to trust the process and to breathe new life into something different!

Let’s look at five ways to keep your cool and navigate through the storm:

1. Sometimes we just need to start moving in a direction to gain insight into where we are possibly going.  Instead of being nervous and getting stuck allow yourself to let go and allow yourself to be driven by that energy through action.

2. Be confident, believe in yourself and trust the process.  Know that you have the ability and if not you will have a fabulous opportunity to learn new life skills.

3. Try a “new way”  – there is always hope, and remember to choose life. To do something different you have to do something new – trust that this storm is helping you to do something you’ve never done before – feel the excitement and own it as your new-found power, congratulations!  

4. Allow yourself to make “mistakes” as they are a beautiful opportunity to gain wisdom in life – but first we need to be open to being the student.  Seize the opportunity to take full responsibility to learn as much as you can during this time of exponential growth.

5. You are many possible selves, the teacher, the student –  remember that learning from our mistakes qualifies us for a teacher position, one with insight.  Sometimes experience is the greatest teacher and you can’t learn everything from a book. Knowing that as much as you learn you can teach others one day and to help them to grow. Sometimes having this motivation can drive us even further to learn that much more.  

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