We are all beautiful in our own way – Part 2: Silencing the inner critic

In my last blogpost, I brought up the importance of redirecting our thoughts so that we can
keep ourselves in the most positive frame of mind and life. Now, we’ll delve into how to go
about doing this.

To break this pattern, I consciously choose to see only that which is beautiful and perfect in
others, yet they often have the same challenges of an inner critic that I have. Over the years, I
constantly battled with my loud inner-critic. In the past, this has kept me in a place of low
self-esteem, with a low self-concept. I’ve looked into the expectations that I have of myself,
and I’ve realized that they very often aren’t realistic or attainable. Subconsciously, I’ve been
setting myself up for my inner-critic to have a field day!

Finding the balance within, and creating a win-win situation for me is essential. First of all, I
accept that my inner-critic is speaking and needs to be heard. Secondly, I choose to
acknowledge that it’s there and that what it is saying could or could not be true. Thirdly, I
redirect my attention towards embracing what I have/celebrating my uniqueness thereby
silencing the inner-critic, and freeing me up to optimize what I have in my life!

Ultimately, we are all beautiful in a unique way – the physical does not define our worth!

Others see the beauty in me, and I choose to see the beauty in them. Why not embrace our own
beauty and perfection? Anyway, having a functional body, and being equipped with hearing,
sight, and a voice, is far more empowering than an “aesthetically perfect body”. Let’s stand
together and embrace those parts of ourselves that are not perfect but that is still deserving of
real love. Essentially, it’s these parts that make us who we are – those quirky, unique,
beautiful parts of us that keep us alive, walking, reaching out for something to eat or assisting
another human being. The physical body is far more than a mere physical structure that
“holds” our organs together, it’s our inherent “Wabi-Sabi,” (that temple that homes and
cherishes our soul for our life here on Earth.)

Invest the energy that you would otherwise use to fuel your inner-critic instead in lifestyle
changes that nurture you and add to your overall well-being by finding balance in the basics
like your eating habits, exercise routine, and relaxation preference. By choosing to focus
on the beauty of our physical bodies, even if you are only able to start on the smallest part –
like a freckle on your skin that makes you uniquely beautiful. And then go on and spread the
love, highlighting the beauty and goodness in others too.

Ultimately, we are the physical reality of our thoughts, so start by monitoring your thoughts
and manifesting your best possible reality!

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